Tariq Abu Khdeir

As a Palestinian living in the United States, I must say that the reporting of Fox News and CNN has no connection to the reality that Palestinians know only too well. Their coverage is unfair and fails to convey the whole truth of what is transpiring there.
According to Hassan Shibly, Abu Khdeir's legal counsel and the director of the Florida branch of the Council on American
Khdeir's family made several attempts to get in touch with Castor, who was unresponsive for days, Essayyad told The Huffington
Tamara Essayyad, attorney and cousin of beaten Palestinian-American teen Tariq Abu Khdeir discusses her efforts to reach out to congresswoman Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL).
Israel's ongoing bombing of Gaza is not "collective punishment" of Palestinians, the Israeli ambassador to the United States
The dehumanization of Palestinians, the denial of their positions as victims -- as the occupied, as the underclass in an apartheid system -- is the standard narrative parroted by mainstream media. Sawyer's blunder is indicative of a far more noxious bias that stealthily creeps into all reporting on the Palestinian people.
Exposure -- and often subjection -- to violence is something very familiar and real for the over one million children living in what is modern-day Palestine. But what is often difficult for us to grasp is what this actually means.
The Times had plenty of company. Here's how some of the major media outlets have covered the story so far: A separate article
There may be no issue that galvanizes critics of The Times more than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Public editor Margaret