Horoscopes and tarot readings have turned into an unlikely form of therapy — and experts say they can help.
Haylin Belay uses her magic rituals to heal from past trauma and to find an inner power in a society that often doesn’t value women of color.
At a time of uncertainty, both personally and politically, spiritual sources of comfort can come in handy.
Navigate the future with some divine guidance from the most badass women of the past and present.
In your future, I see ... lots of rainbow bears holding some sort of concert.
R.C.: What are the most spiritual places in New York City that you recommend going to? J.H.: Tarot is a form of divination
Harper's new line of books is tailored toward spiritual explorers of all sorts.
This is a burning question amongst the fandom, principally because Luke is conspicuously absent from the publicity thus far
His face looks up from his shuffling only for a moment before he hands you the deck. He'll ask a simple favor that holds the answers you've been waiting for. The cards only show the same design, each back like the back of the one before it.