A romantic Chinese box office hit joins Netflix’s June lineup.
Although substantial progress has been made to increase animal adoption across the country, there are approximately 3.3 million
I'd like to take this moment to look at some of the headlines of the news on Monday: "Calais 'Jungle' demolition" - The Telegraph
David Yates said early audiences were left "perplexed" by the smooch.
The King of the Jungle -- like you've never seen him before!
The Pixar animated flick swam right past "The Legend of Tarzan" and "The BFG" this holiday weekend.
If you enjoyed the new version of "The Jungle Book" then you should enjoy "The Legend of Tarzan." Both films feature amazing
Directed by David Yates (he of the back-half of Warners' voluminous Harry Potter catalogue), this take on the Tarzan myth
There is a social stigma that comes with allowing ourselves to ask for help once we are grown up.
Many moons ago, on the first day of an elective class on African Studies in college, my professor handed out a blank map
And why did Tartakovsky opt to cast Asher as the voice of Dennis, Dracula's half-human, half-vampire grandson? Basically because Blinkoff -- unlike so many child actors working in Hollywood today -- still actually sounded like an authentic six-and-a-half, almost seven-year-old boy.