Task force

President Joe Biden has accepted task force recommendations to promote collective bargaining through executive action.
The former president presented graphs "I never made,” the ex-coronavirus task force official said.
The president is demonstrating new determination to minimize the threat of the virus that has killed more than 218,000 Americans.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she did not believe the president should pivot to reopening at the expense of emphasizing the need for more testing.
White House dismisses the report, saying it hasn't been examined by the coronavirus task force.
The plan to shift the president's focus comes after months of Trump using his briefings to clash with health experts and campaign on the pandemic.
Michigan appears to be the first state to create a panel to address racial disparities seen during the pandemic, but the issue is a nationwide problem.
President Donald Trump is preparing to allow some states to ease up on social distancing guidelines to help kick-start the U.S. economy.
What the protesters did was shut down all debate and reasonable exchange with some calling for the destruction of Israel which in the context of the meeting made no sense at all.