tasmanian devil

Seven joeys — the size of shelled peanuts — are offering hope to a species that vanished from the mainland thanks to dingoes.
The Australian marsupials were found to display biofluorescence around their eyes, ears and snout.
The creatures, which were once called Sarcophilus satanicus or “Satanic flesh-lover,” went extinct in Oz before the arrival of Europeans.
The disease has almost wiped them out, but a new study suggests these endangered marsupials aren't giving up without a fight.
The marsupial has been decimated by a deadly disease in recent years.
Laughing hyenas really do sound as if they're laughing, the sort of maniacal screeches you get at an executive meeting of your favorite company or organization.
Every summer during the height of Florida's hurricane season, I wonder. I wonder if predictions of tropical quietude or cyclonic upheaval will validate meteorologists' year-to-year models, the computer-generated guesses I've dubbed "Little Big Storms."