Butina, who is serving 18 months in jail, is asking for the public's help to pay her legal fees.
The attack occurred in the village of Kizlyar in the Muslim-majority republic of Dagestan.
All around me, from pundits to presidents, I hear fear of, and loathing for, Vladimir Putin. I do not believe that that's the proper attitude, and I base my opinion on what I've learned from three men, Pat Buchanan, Igor Makunin and Dmitry Medvedev.
All the journalists in and around the Japanese reactors have put themselves at risk, and they are heroes whether they know it or not.
Rather than focus on the substance of the leaked diplomatic cables, American journalists tend to either frame the story as being about the "over-classification" of documents or the personal motivations and private life of Julian Assange.
Moscow, the early morning of August 19, 1991: the so-called State Committee on the State of Emergency was attempting to seize power in the Soviet Union.