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An inside look at how Tate Taylor's thriller became Spencer's first lead vehicle, in a part originally written for a white actress.
The adaptation of the best-selling thriller opens Oct. 7.
The Supporting Cast Is Dynamite Despite the fact that "Get On Up" eschews traditional narrative expectations by jumping back
If you hear that there's a biopic coming out about an influential African-American icon, the six words you don't want to hear connected to it are "From the director of The Help".
As James Brown’s highly anticipated biopic, “Get On Up,” is set to hit theaters this Friday, The Godfather Of Soul’s legacy
But director Tate Taylor ("The Help") pressed. He brought Boseman in to read a scene in the movie of Brown at 63 and was
Check out more of Jill Scott’s HuffPost Live interview in the clip above. “We had to approach it very gingerly. The family
During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Boseman opened up on portraying the hardest-working man in show business
Universal is hoping that audiences will shake their money makers at movie theaters this summer. The studio has set Tate Taylor's
Scott, a Grammy-winning singer, has cemented her acting career with "Hounddog," "Why Did I Get Married?," last year's "Steel
Papa's got a brand-new bag, and this time it's in the form of a biopic. James Brown will finally see his life play out on the big screen now that Universal and Imagine Entertainment are moving forward with the long-gestating film.
Early news indicates there may be a bit of a "Help" reunion associated with the film. TheWrap reports that Viola Davis, Octavia
The producer, whose credits include “Boomerang” and “Apollo 13,” went on to add that the Godfather of Soul had no qualms
Now, however, it appears Lee's version will go the way of his long-planned Jackie Robinson biopic. Deadline.com reports that
Q: Are you looking for plays to do on or off Broadway? It was such a great experience that I hope I will be afforded more
In contrast to The Help, The Long Walk Home shows African-American maids as active participants in the civil rights struggle -- and remains a much more uplifting and hard-hitting movie about the plight and pluck of black domestic servants confronting racism.
It is greatly worthwhile to celebrate the notable movies of 2011 that took the risk of advocating for democratic freedom, the political principle that makes so much film artistry possible.
So what are you going to do now? I'm sure your name can now get something green lit. Well I'm actually in a cabin right now
Did you know it'd be a movie? But Bryce's character Hilly was just so mean! How do you shoot a scene with someone being so