tater tots

Moving ideas--including menu ideas--that work in one market to another has been a core platform of McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook's
This post is proof that I not only like potatoes, I LOVE them! Give me all the starch I can get, because calories don't count
To me potatoes are their very own food group. I would definitely eat them at every meal (topped with loads of cheese, of
Take either of those fried oh-so-irresistible crunchy bits of yumminess and top them with anything gooey and you've got our attention. We're ready to dive in, no napkins needed, thank you. We'll just lick our fingers.
I normally have an excellent memory when it comes to birthdays, graduations and other special events that must be recognized via a card, a gift or, at the very least, a congratulatory Facebook post. But I owe a sincere apology to H.J. Heinz Company.
A map to fulfill all your dreams.
This is the hardest thing we've done all year.
Sometimes the simplest tweaks can completely reinvent something.
In a world where we're taught that "good fences make good neighbors," we've clung to the irrational rationale that the highest fence must, then, be the best. We tend to lose sight of minutia.