"I'll live with it," the "Late Late Show" host told guest Dakota Johnson. "I don't even have to really see it."
The song lyrics down her spine were inked by celebrity tattooist Winter Stone.
Remembrance tattoos can aid people dealing with loss in more ways than you might realize, according to mental health experts.
The Queen of Pop's new ink is very much a family affair.
The self-taught New York City tattoo artist is working to change the face of the next generation in his industry.
The 26-year-old singer got a rose inked onto his neck, accompanying another huge neck tattoo that reads "forever."
Ryun King of Gallery X Art Collective in Kentucky said he feels this is what he was "meant to do."
Justin Rohrwasser's body art symbolizes an extremist group whose supporters have been linked to white supremacist and anti-Muslim movements.
The "Spenser Confidential" star said "maturity" and "sensibility" compelled him to get rid of his own.
The "Circles" singer bares his soul in a GQ interview.