Tatyana Ali

The actress and brand new mom got real about the whole parenting thing.
When personal development coach Nova Browning Rutherford meets someone new, she knows the first thing they are going to say
Ribeiro told Us Weekly that it was "really cool" of his former co-stars to visit him. "Just having [all of] them here was
Over the weekend a few clips surfaced on Dancer-Choreographer, TyronBee's Instagram showing the 23-year-old Harlem native
Although the cable network’s casting decision appears to be final, many people felt Zendaya wasn't the best choice. We reached
"I just wanted to explain to people that 'I'm just like you!' I'm vulnerable, I have dreams, I'm pursuing a tough career
Whether it's shouting the lyrics to "Baby Got Back" for the millionth time at a party or recalling the somberness of "Bitter
Earlier this year Tatyana Ali celebrated her 34th birthday in Los Angeles. And after professing her admiration for Drake
One of the undisputed most powerful women in recent history, Oprah Winfrey was given the Power Award. Closing out the red carpet, she glided gracefully, stopping to greet press and fans as she led a procession of South African girls from her Leadership Academy.
The beloved sitcom ended in 1996, but Tatyana's stayed on trend, whether it was high-waisted denim in the late '90s or knee
"We were lucky enough to get hugs from Michelle Obama. It was like hugging America," the lead singer of folk-rock band Delta
These days, our knowledge of celebrities too often originates with paparazzi images and snarky quotes by anonymous "insiders
Growing up in the public eye can be difficult for some young actors. There are the pressures of Hollywood, the temptations
When President Barack Obama officially declared his plans to run for President back in 2007, countless black celebrities
Finally: Tatyana Ali as Will Smith's hilarious cousin on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Ali found something of a mentor in Will
The actress, who appeared in most of Season 7, told TVLine that when "House" creator David Shore e-mailed her to invite her