tavi gevinson

And a busy season it will be! To help you wade through all the offerings coming at us, our writers have been hard at work
Arthur Miller was well served on Broadway this season with revivals of A View from the Bridge and The Crucible, both brilliantly
It's only a few months since Ivo van Hove brought his startlingly strong production of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge from London to Broadway.
The teenage writer and actress reflects on high school, Rookie and staying optimistic in the face of growing up.
On not going through what Gevinson called “a train-wreck cycle” like other young celebs: "As far as the need to rebel against
Blonde or not, we're thoroughly convinced that no one knows how to throw a girls night in like this beautiful bunch. Here's to hoping that we get an invite the next time around (hint, hint)!
Both ladies look absolutely amazing while decked out in dazzling Bittar baubles for the images shot by Terry Tsiolis and
Tavi Gevinson is quite an amazing teen. She's an 18-year-old feminist, actress and LGBT ally who founded Rookie Mag at the
Brilliantly acted by Michael Cera as Warren, Kieran Culkin as Dennis, and Tavi Gevinson, as Jessica Goldman, the object of Warren's fantasies, and flawlessly directed by Anna D. Shapiro, Lonergan's wonderfully crafted 1996 play captures all the agony and the ecstasy, but mostly the agony, of post-pubescent youth.
On whether she’ll miss being a teenager... “I will try to hold on to the intense feeling. I will both be glad that that’s
At the pastry counter, I peered in the glass, wondering: bagel or danish? The woman helping me said, "Your hair is so beautiful! I love the way the gray is coming in!"
I have a confession to make: I don't understand feminism. It's not that I don't support feminism; I just don't fully understand it.
Lorde also addressed the ambiguities and debates that exist within feminist communities, but said that these (often frustrating
Special achievement award: 10. Lorde 3. Malala Yousafzai Daisy is the teenager at the center of the infamous Maryville rape
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The more you know... Whoever thought of having comedian Artie Lange and writer, editor, actress (i.e. most impressive 17
Leave it to Neko Case, singer/songwriter/force-of-nature to turn out a darling 18 minute video about making borsch.