Tawakkol Karman

Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, is accused of turning a blind eye to the massacre of Rohingya Muslims.
“I know it's a humble contribution,” Karman said in her speech, which was posted to her Facebook page. “I leave here the
"What made the change ... at least part of it might have to do with the turn of events in Cairo where there have been two
In honor of Yousafzai, the team from The I Files, The Center for Investigative Reporting’s investigative news channel (subscribe
At this year's Doha Forum - an annual gathering of policy makers, academics, and other experts in Arab affairs - although conflict, particularly in Syria, was never far from anyone's mind, discussions centered on economic development and nation rebuilding.
As we commemorate International Human Rights Day today, I can't help but recall the moment 17 years ago when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton proclaimed, "Women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights."
Karman said she was happy with the transition under new President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who U.S. officials say is proving
Do you see yourself as forceful, controlling and competitive? Or powerful, capable and driven? Words matter, beliefs matter. Take care what you say; it shapes the way you think.
Following Gbowee's courageous stand for peace, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was able to return to Liberia from exile after the civil
Congressional meddling with local D.C. laws must end because it's just another form of corruption. Yet, as long as D.C.'s elected officials continue to embarrass the city with ethics scandals, we'll have trouble convincing the country.
Just as this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners -- three women -- were announced, this film season features two films that focus on women rulers: one, Margaret Thatcher, a hawk; the other, Aung San Suu Kyi, a dove who is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
On Saturday I was in Oslo with two of my sisters from Africa, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman, to receive the Nobel Peace
I have been searching for a way to shed some light on why some Americans I have recently come to know are likewise finding their way to journalism as an act of conscience. These are people who have come to The Huffington Post as voluntary citizen journalists, to help illuminate what is going on in America today. Given the economic maesltrom we may or may not survive, growing public unrest and the deeply worrisome erosion of our basic civil rights, you could say that, like Tawakkol Karman, they are committing acts of civic journalism by documenting these events.
Khan is a warm, thoughtful, and charismatic person, who very clearly explained her commitment both to democracy and open society.
The original meaning of the Greek word translated "virgin," had nothing to do with a physiological condition.