Tax break

Regular Americans, meanwhile, will get just $600 — as much as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross spends on slippers.
Trump characteristically pushed tax-avoidance strategies to the limit, perhaps to the breaking point.
“I’m worried that none of this money is going to flow where it’s really needed."
President Trump, in his victory celebration over the passage of the Republican tax bill today, said it was a big Christmas
Previously published in The Boston Globe. Today the American Society of Civil Engineers gives our airports, bridges, dams
Full disclosure: I've benefitted from that provision of the tax code for most of my career in ordained ministry. But I think Judge Crabb is right. What's more, I think the clergy housing allowance is a bad idea for churches.
The expansion has heightened worries that the tax holidays are a drain on state treasuries. Opponents, including many economists
Schwarzman has made no secret of his disdain for the president's proposal to eliminate the carried interest break. “It’s
Dr. King is not coming back. It's up to us to redeem the soul of America. He told us what to do. Let's do it.
Even in this weak economy, child care costs are rising through the roof. Here are a few tips on trimming this expense, many of which I've cashed in on myself.