"The would-be dictator wants to withhold funding based on the content of speech. So much for the Constitution," said ethics expert Walter Shaub.
A recent report could lead to the National Rifle Association losing its tax-exempt status.
If you're hoping to start your own IRS-approved religious organization, look no further than the guidelines below.
While the fiscal cliff gets all the attention, the mortgage cliff is just as steep, and just as perilous. If American consumers take another big fall, our leaders are almost certainly not far behind.
Italian State and Vatican remain side by side in joy and sorrow. One supports the condemnation of the civil partnership, the
Conservatives are fond of railing against those who are able to legally avoid paying federal income taxes. The Wall Street
If you ask me, this is a huge loss in exchange for a tax break. In other words, it's about the money. It's not about freedom
For the record, few in the Congress are quibbling over the issue of an individual mandate for coverage. Get HuffPost Politics