tax haven

Two bank employees are suspected of helping clients set up offshore companies in tax havens to launder hundreds of millions of euros.
Such economic citizenship programmes, which are being run by several small island states in the region, have raised concerns that terrorists, criminals and other shady characters could buy Caribbean passports to evade justice, slip into Europe and North America through the back door, or squirrel away billions in stolen public money in tropical tax paradises.
We're right behind Switzerland and Hong Kong! 'Merica.
Schemes like this can have the effect of dramatically reducing -- or even eliminating -- a company's domestic tax burden
Before David Miranda was detained for nine hours at London's Heathrow Airport, there was me.
You and your partner are a hot young couple. You have a gorgeous eight month-old son. You live on a tropical island. Do you really need more? For Agata Kalicki and Reno Ciantar, the answer was, yes. "We found something was missing on the island," says Kalicki.
The use of such complex structures is common among multinationals, including Apple and Amazon, and has become a hot political
Can we align the interests of giant corporations with our national, American interest? If we cannot, they should be stripped of their American corporate privileges and be required to do the same things as other entities that are not wedded to the national interest.
"I'm glad about this report, which will increase the pressure," he said, referring to a report by the Washington-based International
The decision to outsource the household payroll also shields the identities of Romney's household employees from the public