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Mischief by tax prep companies is undermining an IRS reform bill.
Tax season is an annual American ritual. For many Americans, it brings the biggest influx of money all year, giving a much-needed boost to millions of families. Yet for Americans of all backgrounds, tax filing can be a stressful and confusing experience.
In this tax season marked by anxiety, my encounter with him forces me to pause. When I close that sliding glass door, I stop in wonder at his self-sufficiency and gratitude for the pieces of his life that remain intact.
Lots of people honor traditions. Some people eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Some people bake an apple pie on Independence Day. Me? I abide by a longstanding tradition, as well: I yank my hair out every April, when I attempt to file my own taxes.
5. Casualty Losses There is a 2 percent floor for miscellaneous deductions. They include union dues, un-reimbursed employee
* For the next few years the 40 percent of IRS correspondence audits that now deal with the Earned Income Tax Credit should
IN THE KNOW NEAT! By Vera Gibbons "I am always having lunch with existing clients, potential clients and meeting new people
"That's a lot of money for late filing," says Allison Shipley, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Miami. "And, in my
April 15, easy: Follow these tax advisors' insider tips for income tax help and stress-free filing. Read more on Reader's
But, given Ireland's tumultuous past, it's best to know your history before hawking St. Patrick's Day-themed swag. Already
5. You can't avoid penalties merely because you use software. If you ultimately submit a computer-prepared return that has
Why are we putting up with this? Several economists have suggested a point-of-service tax. This means that the consumer has
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