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The wealthy wall themselves off from signs of decline. Gated communities and exurbs provide a cloistered life that feels
The economist says Sanders is the only candidate who's willing to tax the rich.
"Grading the States" exposes the rankings for their disservice to state policy debates and offers evidence for what really
Does there really exist an industry of deeply funded anti-tax lobbyists whose sole purpose is to protect the holdings of their clients? Absolutely -- far from "mistaken," that narrative is exactly right. Do they win every fight? Nope, and they lost the one that led the capital gains rate to go up in 2013.
Trump's plan limits the deductibility of interest expenses. This especially affects companies, and while this is not a tax
The epidemic of tax inversions represents just one of many ways corporations are dodging their taxes by taking advantage of our outdated and rigged corporate tax system.
HuffPost Pollster has Land trailing Peters ahead of the November general election: The headline tax rate for someone with
Trust in the international tax system was evaporating fast, and governments were under pressure to take action, even unilaterally
Nothing too surprising -- those who pay more in federal taxes think they're too high; almost nobody thinks their tax bill is too low. But departing from the data a bit, there are two factors that I suspect have an impact on our general perceptions of tax fairness.