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Harvest Losses. It sounds complicated, but "loss harvesting" or selling investments that are down, simple means taking the
Searching for a new job? Summer job search expenses can potentially benefit you even if you do not end up taking the job
The April 18 tax deadline is fast approaching, but if you haven't filed yet, there's no need to panic. While more than half of taxpayers have already filed their returns, each year about 20 percent wait until the last couple weeks to file.
It is NOT quite the final hours to get your taxes done, but certainly, the clock is ticking down. Before the days turn into
While college expenses can be overwhelming, knowing these potential tax benefits may help you make the financial burden of higher education less taxing.
When it comes to identity-related tax fraud, it's not as tough as you might think (or hope). The reason is much more frightening: There is no need to be a savvy hacker to get all the information to commit identity-related tax fraud. You just need to be creative and persistent.
There were recent changes to mortgage financing disclosure laws, so it's important to know what documents to look for now
Because of the numerous additional factors that now apply to your situation, there are likely many new concerns or questions you have once you start checking off boxes on your tax forms.
Key Tax Breaks Extended Temporarily Through 2016: Mortgage Debt Exclusion - Unfortunately, financial crisis can happen in
Sure the tax code is convoluted and April seems so far away, but consumers should seek out expert advice and learn as much as they can about tax basics and how financial products and decisions impact liability.