Taxi and Limousine Commission

Women's rights are always at risk of erosion, from reproductive health to freedom from discrimination. Efforts to protect
The city is moving to limit the number of consecutive hours taxi and limo drivers can work.
For more than a decade, I have experienced the very "First World" problem of not being able to find a yellow cab at 8 a.m. on the upper West Side of Manhattan or at 4 p.m. in midtown.
In reality, riding in a cab without a seat belt is dangerous. Though a 2004 study found that New York City taxis had a lower
Cruel and random death drains us hollow and we hope, against all rational evidence, that some muted and tolerable life will seep back in. Yes, all premature death seems unnecessary, but Cooper died from our civic negligence. We, the citizens of New York, are complicit.
These solutions may not be Uber-perfect, but they would definitely make it more of a sustainable job for a driver than the current situation. Uber needs to treat the N.Y./N.J. area as a separate beast, otherwise they'll find themselves with a massive driver exodus.
(The one dissenting vote was from Iris Weinshall, who you may remember as the city's former transportation commissioner, bike
Uber has been controversial, however, sparking opposition from regulators and taxi companies in several cities. Earlier this
The city is also relying on the plan to raise more than $1 billion for the city's budget through the sale of 2,000 new yellow
The next time you're stuck on the corner fruitlessly searching for the next available cab in sight, getting upstreamed by
A 20 percent hike would mean that an average taxi ride of 2.76 miles would cost $14.18, up from the current price of $11.82
Six livery cab drivers were also arrested in connection with the business. You can see a very sad photo of all of them in
The new contract for taxis presents us with a historic opportunity to right a wrong that New Yorkers with disabilities have
While the usage of livery cabs is hardly anything new for New Yorkers, the city reached a deal to legally allow livery cabs
3) If the "Off Duty" light is on, then the cabby's off-duty. Don't bother him or her. He or she's probably had a long day
Chief of the commission David Yassky announced on Wednesday that taxi's will run ads on their backseat monitors promoting
NY1 spoke with one driver who defended the actions, "That's the problem is this. That when you come back you don't get any
After the chief of the Taxi and Limousine Commission David Yassky received an email from an angry resident requesting something
The bill passed swiftly in the Democrat-controlled Assembly yesterday, The New York Post reports, but now heads to the GOP