Taya Kyle

In a moving interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, Chris Kyle's widow remembered the moment she told their children their father
Those are some the words penned by Taya Kyle on March 16, the day that would’ve marked 13 years of marriage to her husband
The widow of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle has revealed her late husband’s touching words inscribed inside her wedding ring and the promise he made her on their wedding day.
Shortly before his tragic death, we had the great fortune to interview American sniper Chris Kyle. His brutal honesty and unwavering sense of good and evil were remarkable, and at times haunting, and remain with us to this day.
American Sniper is well on its way to being the biggest war film ever at the domestic box office, and second most popular R-rated film ever behind The Passion of the Christ.
The idea of Important differs from Best: for American Sniper, Selma, and Unbroken, Best is beside the point. Each film is enormously engaging, highly recommended, and grounded in history on a large canvas.
American Sniper succeeds in showing the struggle of a dangerous man trying to live a normal life with his family. The affect the war has on families, and how it changes their loved ones is something not often explored, especially not this deeply or honestly.