Taye Diggs

The "General Hospital" and "All Eyez On Me" actress addresses her experiences with violence and how they factored into her latest role.
No, you may not touch me if I did not ask you to or give my consent.
“He’s gay, but he’s cool.” I had a friend in college who would say this. She would invite her straight male friend out with
"I'm going to be furious if my kids have a better life than me." -- Michael Ian Black
When life throws a diaper in your face, have no fear: Taye Diggs is here, to help your children develop essential reading skills...and to keep them occupied while you shower in peace. To learn more about childhood literacy and get involved, visit the National Head Start Association at www.nhsa.org/get-involved/donations
That spirit of beauty overcoming the beast is what charged ALS activist Suzi Hoffman-Kipp to create an LA-based Art for ALS
I'm thankful to see that times-they-are-a-changin'! It heals my 13 year-old self who spoke English, Spanish and pidgin from Hawaii. The teenage girl who didn't see herself on TV or in books is now excited to see all the accomplishments in the multiracial/multicultural community.
Diggs has sparked a dialogue around the definition of these terms.