taylor schilling

The final season of the award-winning series debuts July 26.
Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks and others in the cast performed the theme song "You've Got Time" to announce the July 26 premiere.
Nothing says best buddies like knowing everything about your friend’s relationships - and “Orange Is The New Black” characters know a little something about that.
I once wrote she had the freedom to not tell us anything about her personal life. But that was over a year ago, and now I simply want her to commit.
Take an anxious Seattle couple, drop them in a hipster-centric Los Angeles neighborhood for a night of alcohol, weed and
Schwartzman's unguarded demeanor keeps you from turning against his character in The Overnight, even as he's clumsily trying to manipulate his guests into taking their clothes off.
Do swingers usually play while their children are only a few feet down the hall? No, Stern says, but it’s not completely
For my money, the most terrifying movies are never horror movies because they are meant to be scary. You know the ones, all cheap thrills and forced suspense. Adversely, here is a comedy that can shake a person to their core.
It is the rare movie comedy that can encompass the wild events of a single night and keep you both squirming and surprised into laughter for its full running time. 
Alex (Laura Prepon) worked this suede overcoat like it was her job. Janae and new inmate Stella (Vicky Jeudy and Ruby Rose