While TB no longer takes the toll on Americans that it once did, until the disease is eliminated, it still holds the potential to seriously impact thousands of lives and total millions or even billions in healthcare and societal costs over time.
The time is now to continue to make smart investments in TB and HIV control. This concerted effort will strengthen health systems and go a long way to address the basic needs of people living throughout the world.
A trained rat can screen 100 samples in 20 minutes.
A curable, treatable disease kills more than 4000 people a day. Here's why the global community needs to come together to fight tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis (TB) is an ancient disease that has afflicted humans since the dawn of civilization and remains very much with us even now. In fact, more people will probably die from TB in 2016 than from any other single infectious disease, with HIV a close second.
Kate O'Brien, who was isolated for infectious tuberculosis for 75 days in New York City, reunites with her todder son, Donny.