It can be difficult, but some members of our team have found a new way of coping with stress. Every so often, they will stroll
“We’re not even identifying these traumatic brain injuries, and we sure aren’t treating them."
Department of Veterans Affairs - Women's Trauma Recovery Program Additional Resources: They are canvassing Capitol Hill on
Dr. Maria E. Garay-Serratos is CEO of Sojourner Center in Phoenix, AZ. She knows we can end the cycles of domestic violence
Each TBI champion's story is different. They show us that every TBI is unique and demonstrate how important it is to recognize
A small study of boys' brain scans before and after football season found changes to their brains' white matter.
There are millions of untold stories of everyday people who incur concussions while going about their regular routines.
My son was married in August of last year. The date he and his, then, fiance, picked out for their marriage, unbeknownst
I have been following Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s recovery since he sustained a concussion in a June 12 crash at Michigan International
“Quit using your brain injury as an excuse!” I was caught completely off guard by this statement a few weeks ago, said by
It took 46 years, but Ricky Miller finally went to say good-bye to the best friend he tried desperately to rescue in Vietnam. It wasn't easy.
Invisible injuries are often dismissed by those who don’t truly understand.
  If you know a vet who needs help, here's a listener: 888.777.4443. It makes me wish for a way to honor with our respect
Finally, whether you're a parent, physician, athlete or coach, there are many resources available. Here are just a few: CDC's