TD Jakes

Bishop Jakes also discussed his unique approach to covering race on the show.
Given the durability of the syndicated entertainment newsmagazine format, it is no surprise to see a new half-hour strip called "Page Six TV," based on the iconic gossip page in the New York Post, test the waters in first-run syndication. It began on Monday this week in a three-week test predominantly in the access programming block initially on seven Fox owned stations.
Bishop T.D. Jakes discusses how the LGBT and black church communities can coexist.
"They don't judge you. The program offers you a feeling of hope. The program taught me what it meant to forgive. If you want people to bless you and move forward despite your past, you have to learn to do that for others."
No matter what situation is changing, don't get discouraged! It's uncomfortable, but great things never come from comfort zones. Embrace and welcome change. Consider it a blessing you needed but couldn't make happen on your own.
In Bishop T.D. Jakes's latest bestselling book 'Instinct,' he discusses how anyone can and should listen to their gut despite what data may say or which naysayers may surround them.