T.E. Lawrence

As the Bard's birthday approaches, the playwright might himself say, "Such stuff as dreams are made on..." Look at my neighbor
So we have yet another crisis in a little-known place to worry about. The difference is that, with this one, it's not hard at all to see how it could trigger a regional conflagration.
A significant influx of foreign fighters would boost the dwindling morale of the soldiers. Hussam Almarie, a FSA spokesman
Not for the last time in the Middle East would disaster come from the blundering ignorance and blinding arrogance of foreign intruders convinced by magical thinking of their own omnipotence and righteousness. How soon we forget. How often we repeat.
Jordan may be a small country but it is jam-packed with amazing sites.
Bosra's forlorn amphitheater (Abu-Fadil) The only damage we feared was a flat tire in that God-forsaken wilderness. The organization's
Taken from The Things That Nobody Knows: 501 Mysteries of Life, the Universe and Everything ($14.95, Atlantic Books, distributed
This new film would focus on Lawrence's relationship with Gertrude Bell (Watts), the famed British political operative and
What is destined to become the most popular video on HuffPost over the next few days is of a purported UFO approaching the Olympic Stadium in London as fireworks are going off during opening ceremonies.