I've come to realize that like any gift, a thank-you note is not about you, it's about the receiver. It's true that you should send one, but the thought behind it is what counts.
Although portrayed as opposites, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street protesters are essentially kissing cousins.
Also on Wall Street, there are thousands of protesters camped out, trying to bring attention to corporate greed and economic
The tea party proved useful shock troops for mainstream GOP leaders after Obama's smash win in 2008 to reenergize their traditional
"We're talking about every House candidate that runs, every Senate candidate that runs, would have to run on the Perry plan
Watch out for Rick Perry, governor of Texas and the latest contender for the Republican presidential nomination. He's the macho male to Obama's metrosexual. The hot branding iron to Obama's cool.
Organizers of the Freedom Jamboree announced Wednesday that they have canceled the tea party convention planned for this
A Tea Party group known as FreedomWorks has provided new GOP congressmen and women with talking points that will help them survive budget-focused town hall meetings which have recently been very confrontational for conservatives.
The main topics of discussion, according to notes attached to the email that recapped the meeting, were the debt ceiling
Wisconsin is a generational choice. Just as the greatest generation was judged by World War Two, the Mad Men generation was judged by civil rights and the baby boomers were judged by Vietnam, ours will be judged by Wisconsin.