Copyright 2012 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions. WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) - Tea Party candidates may have spoiled
As evidenced by its co-sponsorship of last week’s GOP presidential debate in Florida, the Tea Party Express is emerging as
The Left, in a Standard-Operating-Procedure show of shooting off its toes while shooting off its mouth, is ready to repeal support of Obama if he doesn't blah-blah-blah. Well, then, fine. So who else will it be?
The grass-roots, decentralized tea party movement sprung to life in 2009 to oppose Obama's health care initiative, then swung
Now the GOP establishment wonders if the grass-roots movement will power Republicans to new victories in 2012, or dash them
Others predict a voter backlash against fiscally conservative Republicans in next year's elections, accusing them of bringing
The success of Tea Party-backed lawmakers in defining the terms of the debt debate in Washington has further cemented the
The tea party movement, which established its power last year by defeating Republicans who didn't meet its idea of what a
Beware, Florida Republicans: The tea party movement that swept you into office in 2010 could cost you the next election. Read
The strategy of playing to this sentiment, closely linked to the tea party grassroots conservative movement, also comes with
Several prospective presidential candidates have signed on to participate in an Iowa bus tour Rhoades is planning that's
Something happened at a Friday event in New Hampshire that symbolizes one potential problem as the presidential race slowly
Take, for example, the curious case of Michele Bachmann. She seems to have something of an iron lock on her seat in Minnesota's
Among the key lessons for first-time Tea Party candidates: Talk about issues that "regular people'' care about. That means
According to the National Journal, Radtke signaled that she believes she has the conservative cred to defeat Allen in Virginia's
Leaders of more than 70 Tea Party groups in Indiana gathered last weekend to sign a proclamation saying they would all support
Will Virginia be home to the most competitive and politically interesting Senate race in 2012? Read more on The New York
Jamie Radtke, head of the Virginia Federation of Tea Party Patriots, has filed federal papers to run for the Republican nomination
Three potential Republican contenders for the 2012 presidential nomination would have higher hurdles to clear to win the