Read the opinion below: USA Today reports: A federal judge tossed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service by True
An inspector general report on the matter came days after the IRS official apologized, triggering the controversy. The search
While the event is billed as a protest against the IRS's aggressive targeting of conservative groups, the Tea Party Patriots
But Issa has steadfastly refused to release the full transcripts of those interviews already completed. Doing so, he has
Darrell Issa says releasing full transcripts now would be "reckless;" Heidi Heitkamp calls the Keystone XL pipeline battle "the Kim Kardashian of energy;" Turkish lawyers protest after storming out of courthouses.
When Issa called White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a "paid liar" earlier this month, he was criticized publicly by Democrats
"We had done nothing wrong. We had not indicated that we would do anything but peaceably assemble and hold up signs like
Read the full ACLJ complaint below: tea-party-complaint The lawsuit accuses the Obama administration of an executive power
Jacob Soboroff talked with Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler, whose organization was targeted by the IRS probe into
WASHINGTON — The former chief of the Internal Revenue Service is telling Congress he doesn't know why his agency targeted