Elected officials and the public should make note that while these groups claim to be "free market" think tanks and non-profits, in reality, they are operating as front groups for the Koch Brothers and other fossil fuel interests with a financial interest in stoping the wind production tax credit.
The rain of ridiculous ravings from America's political right continued unabated as spring took hold. Let's look at a few examples.
He then added, "I think they are jack-booted homo-fascist thugs ... who want to use the tyrannical and totalitarian power
Tea Party Nation, led by conservative activist Judson Phillips, has withdrawn its endorsement of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R
McConnell added that voting against cloture and delaying the process of getting a bill back to the House would put GOP leaders
The statement on the website claims these kind of terrorist attacks will happen again, sooner rather than later, because
The Tea Party Nation, an ultra-conservative faction of the Tea Party movement, has responded to the Sandy Hook Elementary
A judge slammed a now-defunct Tennessee outpost of the Tea Party for reserving more than 1,600 rooms at a Las Vegas hotel
In a post at Tea Party Nation, Brookstone writes that she's "resolved" a number of issues about the Obama administration
Did the Tea Party become, in that famous Sherlock Holmesian expression, the dog that did not bark? For the most part, yes. So what was all that barking that woke America up in the middle of the night? It was the right-wing media, and its echoes, that you heard.