The election of a black President induced Republicans to throw gasoline on the racist kindling they've nurtured for decades. When democrats became the party of equal rights for blacks in the mid-sixties, racists sought a new home. They found it with Republicans.
This was carefully designed to yank the albatross of race off the Tea Party and the GOP's back. But, that hardly meant that race was off the GOP table as a major political weapon in the GOP's political attack arsenal.
One of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's (R) picks for her reelection committee in February has now been accused of being
Approximately 45 percent of Whites either strongly or somewhat approve of the movement. Of those, only 35 percent believe
Audio of the speech can be heard here. Earlier this week, former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R) wrote a column for the
She made her full remarks available online. Clarke said her words were taken out of context, which she said was "extremely
Obama's grasp of issues and his management style alone would have been deemed outstanding by any measure if he were a white man rather than black and any assertion to the contrary is disingenuous to say the least.
Speaking to FOX News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, she said: "Of course, it's natural when you have a new candidate come
The history of lynching should not be abused and belittled by politicians in hyperbolic fashion to make a much smaller point. Even if, or perhaps especially if, the politician in question is black.
It's exhausting to feel like the spokeswoman for your race. Sometimes I have the energy to do it, other times I don't want to be bothered. Many times I think: Why? Why do I have to answer this?
Florida GOP Congressman Allen West, in his trademark shoot-from-the-lip style, made brief news recently when he dredged out the worn term" plantationism" to describe the alleged relationship between blacks and Democrats.
We have been both astonished and frustrated over the years by the isolationist cast of much commentary about the black experience in the United States and racism more generally as an international, rather than national phenomenon.
In a Web exclusive interview from the new "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," Janeane Garofalo discusses everything from the
One of the worst things about the racist charge is that too often, it's a distraction. A sideshow. In constructing their hyped up news segments, the mainstream TV shows miss the actual story.
The NAACP first stepped into the Tea Party debate with a resolution issued by its Kansas City, Mo. branch in July, which
Paul's response to demands that he denounce them and give their money back was that he couldn't police his thousands of donors
Despite some private grousing that Obama hasn't said and done enough on black concerns, African Americans will still back his reelection bid by off the chart margins.
McConnell is a noted Civil War enthusiast, and has been photographed before donning Confederate garb in his 20 year history
NAACP leaders have a message for the members of the tea party movement: We're watching you. Read more on The Washington Post
Attempts by Democrats to knock Crenshaw off the ballot proved to be a miscalculation that was compounded by some very poor