"We are better than Washington, D.C. thinks we are, but you know what? It's up to us, you, to let us know that," he continued
San Francisco's rally was one of many across the nation this weekend. A Tea Party tax day protest in Boston turned ugly when
Grassroots political movements such as the Tea Party are a mainstay of American society. Read more on Bloomberg
As Tea Party activists protested across the country on Tax Day some demonstrators expressed their views by carrying signs
It's Tax Day 2010 and the Tea Party is holding rallies across the country to push their conservative, small government message
1) Pictures and Video: Take your camera and capture the best images from the gathering. Protest signs and banners make for
The progressive tax system isn't perfect, but I'm glad for student loan programs, decent roads, national parks, great universities, Medicare, retirement funds, and soldiers' family paychecks.
CONSPIRACY THEORIES: A video by bloggerinterrupted showcases a string of protesters from a Feb. 27 event in Cleveland who
But the big bucks aren't only in T-shirts with pithy slogans - Fox's Glenn Beck said on his radio show that he plans to attend