The best way to remove the distance between ourselves and "other" people is to find common ground.
You wouldn’t travel a long distance in your car without strapping on a seatbelt. So why do you think teachers should spend
“The first step is parents have to understand the value of REAL play. We’ve turned childhood into a period of resume-building
I just finished viewing the 90-minute film, Passion to Teach, which I was asked to review by its producers, career teachers
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My mother loved to teach. She taught sixth grade reading for many years, but she was my teacher for as long as she lived. She taught me many things but her best lessons were the ones she lived every single day.
We can teach our kids simple methods of active listening- not for the purpose of rebuttal but for the purpose of understanding
Teachers in their forties are at the peak of their powers.
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Conclusion: Considering the subject of luck can help us appreciate the moment and increase our compassion toward people who are less fortunate.
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When asked how science courses in the U.S. are lacking, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said that the education system is too focused on getting students to memorize information they’ll likely forget, instead of teaching them analytical skills.
Inspired by her late mother, Hadiyah has created a space in her high school in San Francisco, for young people to openly talk about the problems they are facing today-specifically those rooted in race, culture, and identity.
I can't help but reflect on what life would be like if I had a little girl.
Ocean has been working in the gaming business since we both got started in technology in San Francisco in mid-1990s. He started
To sum up, compared with most other states, this is the prospect facing a teacher in Arizona: relatively bigger classes with fewer resources for less take-home pay.
As U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan put it, "I am increasingly worried that our teachers, our administrators don't reflect the great diversity of our nation's students, and that is a real problem."
In only one year, Schools for Sustainability (S4S) has cultivated a beautifully dynamic team. We honor diversity as we attract
If you're not one of the select few who choose to spend their days around prepubescent twelve and thirteen year old kids, here are some things us middle school teachers would love for you to know as you're dealing with your middle schooler or your middle school teacher...
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Teacher is one of the most accomplished and prolific street artists in Los Angeles. True to his name, Teacher's focus has been on education and the vital need to focus on the most important resource we have: our children.