A high school science teacher's frightening Facebook remark was forwarded to school district officials.
Indianapolis Archbishop Charles Thompson forced Cathedral High School to fire a gay, married teacher last month.
The "Work" singer called cricket coach Roddy Estwick "my mentor, my champ."
Teachers went on strike in February over a bill they opposed. A few months later, they face the same fight.
They've worked hard all school year. Here's what they'd prefer you get them as their summer break approaches.
A trial date was set for the former Kentucky middle school teacher, who also allegedly flipped the bird at another student.
Officials from the Tennessee school where the alleged incident took place suspended the teacher within 30 minutes of learning about it.
"Every child deserves the proper amount of love to get what he or she needs,” said Virginia educator Rodney Robinson as he recalled his mother's words.
Teachers at an Indiana elementary school said they were told to kneel against a wall and then were shot from behind with an airsoft gun without warning.
They say they don't trust leadership in the state Senate to not revive an education reform bill they oppose.
We aren't just striking for pay. We're striking for the future.
Rapidly rising rents and soaring property prices are driving out invaluable public-sector workers.
Trina Abrams is facing criminal charges in connection with the incident, police said.
 What you can see: - Teachers crouched at eye level talking to kids - Teachers constantly observing children as they work
The party hopes to capitalize on the movements in Arizona, Oklahoma and Kansas.
After just four days, Goodman received enough sick days from employees in his school district to cover him for one semester.
“We deserve to have somebody at the EPA who actually does protect our environment, somebody who believes in climate change."
"This is so embarrassing and honestly fully racist," said the person who flagged the post to school officials.