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P: How will ASSESSMENT of student work and REFLECTIONS on this lesson shape future instructional practices and lesson objectives
There is a very funny scene in the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper is learning to drive using an online program. After
I do not make the accusation of racism lightly. But to implement policies that you know will have disparate impact is racist. To change admission standards knowing that they will limit the pool of qualified Black and Latino candidates without providing evidence that the new standards will improve teaching is racist.
Just to make sure our children are processed like hamburgers, Pearson is busy using the same "process" to evaluate prospective teachers using a test called the edTPA, or Teacher Performance Assessment.
There is no foolproof way to evaluate prospective teachers or anybody else for that matter. People have bad hair days and perform below expectation. Life also interferes with work and sometimes people do not develop as expected.
The New York State Board of Regents has charged that Pearson's teacher certification exams lack adequate field-testing and proof of either reliability (consistent results) or validity (evidence they test skills they claim to test).
The latest international test scores are in, and the United States hasn't made much progress on its mediocre results from 2010.
The American Federation of Teachers says teachers should have to pass a bar-like exam. Would exams improve the education system or put undue pressure on educators?
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I had to come to terms with who I was and learn to think for myself. Who could argue with the breadth of this training for the individual and its value to a well-educated citizenry? The problem isn't in the concept. A liberal arts education still holds enormous value.
"What's worse, in my opinion, is having a classroom that has a substitute because we haven't been able to get a teacher who
The StudentsFirst website states that the bill would "enable Tennessee to recruit talented individuals into the classroom
Still, nine out of 10 teachers from various backgrounds supported firing incompetent teachers, regardless of the individual's
How do we train teachers while still maximizing student learning? A more effective and controlled approach might be found in the residency model.
A backlog of state educator license applications means teachers are waiting up to five months for the credentials they need
Teach Tony Danza is not a rigorous investigation of our education system. But the show does a nice job spotlighting some of the complexities of teaching and the keen awareness students have of their learning environment.
This week the New York State Regents, the governing body that makes educational decisions in the state, unanimously enacted changes in teacher certification. I wish I could say these changes are reforms.
I'm concerned that Teach for America is being propped up by many as a cure-all for America's education woes, when it is nothing of the kind.