teacher donates kidney

"This is the result of my simple act of kindness, because God blesses us every single day. So what I did, I don't see as
"He has given her more than just the gift of life. He’s an amazing man, we owe him so much," Alya's father told the outlet
Wendy Killian swears that she is nobody special -- just "a wife, a mommy and a teacher" -- but 8-year-old Nicole Miller will get a new and longer life with the kidney her former kindergarten teacher committed to her Tuesday.
"Her latest labs show that many aspects of the delicate balance of the body are beginning to spiral out of control," he wrote
A similarly selfless teacher made headlines last June in Dallas, Texas, where kindergarten teacher Marie Bell donated a kidney
"That was the first I'd known that Marshall was on dialysis," Bell said. Smith calls the match "God-sent." "She's my miracle