Teacher education

In January, Pearson’s stock value dropped sharply when the company reported lower than expected profits, especially in its
Laura Apol, Michigan State University The American poet William Stafford was often asked by friends, readers, students and
Can teacher education be improved? It certainly can. Anyone who understands the complexity and challenge of teaching knows
Ken Zeichner of the University of Washington reviewed several leading alternative teacher certification programs and found
Like medical education, teacher education is also providing students with opportunities to practice new strategies before
So, yes, for better or worse, TFA will still be relevant for many years to come. We live in an imperfect world, and while TFA may not be a perfect solution, neither are the conditions for recruiting and retaining teachers in urban and rural schools.
I also wonder if the comparative absence of research in teacher education courses is a product of American anti-intellectualism
For the past three weeks, I've been in Australia studying how two universities prepare future elementary school teachers. Some of it feels familiar to me. But sometimes, I come upon parts of their experience that are totally foreign.