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Rashmi Kathuria (@rashkath) from India notes, "Teaching is not just a job from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is a time consuming
Do you think being a good citizen ever gets in the way of being a good worker or vice versa? "I hope that I will never live
While many of our students had become laughing hecklers who refused our help, by the time many graduated high school -- if they graduated high school -- they'd soon realize the joke was on them.
"Instilling black pride is not a threat. It is a necessity."
Left to right top row: Adam Steiner, Susan Bowles, Richard Wells, Todd Finley Middle row: Vicki Davis, Lisa Currie, C. M
Demographics Drive Demand “It always seemed like maybe not a high-paying job, but a dependable job, and then with the layoffs
Recruitment is important, but the leaky bucket is not a challenge we can just recruit ourselves out of. We can attempt to continuously replace these teachers, or we can do what it takes to stem the flow.
If you incentivize it, they will come...right? That's the gist of a recent federal research project called the Talent Transfer Initiative, which offered high-performing teachers in 10 districts cash awards to remain working in, or transfer to, struggling schools in town.
Defining Multiculturalism This blending of cultures is both a blessing and curse of the K-12 classroom. With more diversity
As the international consensus suggests, we must put all the resources we can into investing in the village it takes to raise quality teachers.
How does Singapore view the importance of a world-class teaching profession? How has its government responded? What progress has been made to date? What are Singapore's next steps to advance the teaching profession in the 21st century?
In an interview with CNN's Steve Perry, Duncan addressed the lack of minority and male teachers and the government's efforts
If America does not start today in filling its teacher ranks with the best and brightest students, in 10 years we may find our students are behind those in Kyrgyzstan.
Our school is not simply lucky to have great teachers; finding them, supporting them, and keeping them is all by design, and serves as a blueprint for similar success.
Duncan joined My Fox DC this morning to discuss teacher recruitment and how to address challenges such as teacher pay. WATCH
Countries with the best-performing school systems largely recruit teachers from the top third of high school and college
To inspire Americans to seek out employment opportunities in education, the White House launched the TEACH Campaign last
I'm concerned that Teach for America is being propped up by many as a cure-all for America's education woes, when it is nothing of the kind.
It's hard to take seriously politicians who want to gut school construction funds from a large-scale economic stimulus. It's even harder when those hatchetmen claim to be doing it in the name of our nation's young people.