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Rapidly rising rents and soaring property prices are driving out invaluable public-sector workers.
But, sadly, the corporate reformers and government overseers do not actually plan to fund or support more thorough teacher
US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently proposed to redirect $15 billion from correctional facilities toward increasing teachers' salaries in high poverty schools. It is both practical and eminently plausible. And with the right kind of leadership and advocacy, it might even become probable.
Arne Duncan calls on state and local leaders to make a change.
"I'm going to do whatever it takes to be creative for our children, even if that means it comes out of my pocket."
The OECD graphic below shows how teachers' salaries compare with other college-educated workers in each country. The report
“As a nation, we need to do far more to attract -- and keep -- mid- and late-career teachers,” concludes the report. “In
Economist Larry Kudlow says teachers make 120K per year.
As we commemorate Teacher Appreciation Week, it's a good time to reflect: if we depend on teachers to develop the future workforce and help turn our children into productive members of society, what can we do about this problem?
Talk to any LAUSD teacher and they will tell you they clearly want a fair, living wage and that a raise is long overdue. In fact, in my conversations with fellow teachers and health and human services professionals, I have yet to meet anyone who thinks a raise isn't long overdue.
Most elementary, art and physical education teachers are in the lowest bracket; their annual salary tops out at $61,000. Middle
So, this is my suggestions. Parents should borrow the money instead of the students. When I was young, parents paid for the
After the Florida legislature reached its original budget plan earlier this week, Governor Scott wrote on his Facebook page
Many countries have not been able to adjust staffing levels to a rapidly declining student population, so class sizes have declined and costs have risen, without automatically changing and improving the nature of teaching and learning.
In providing a rationale for front-loaded salary schedules, the authors cite research that indicates teachers are the most
Teachers aren't suggesting they not be held accountable. What they're saying is that we acknowledge the realities of the classroom, that we not gloss over the real problems, formidable as they may be, and pretend that the flaws in our education system are the fault of the teachers.
This is a question that is always up for debate. Of course, if you ask teachers and people in the educational world, they will say that teachers are not only NOT overpaid, they are drastically underpaid.
One-third of independents assigned Obama's handling of education issues an “excellent” or “good” rating, while the remaining