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North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) on Monday announced plans to boost teacher pay, but not all teachers are celebrating.
The plan also extends supplemental pay bumps for teachers who began working on a master’s degree by July 1, 2013, but not
The report gives as an example the Central African Republic, where teachers are paid the equivalent of $5 (U.S.) a day, although
Below we have replicated the Varkey Gem Foundation’s list of average teacher salaries, which is based on information from
Visit the Wall Street Journal for more on Kim and his salary. A recent HuffPost Live segment discussed Kim and the South
Currently, nearly 80 percent of fourth graders in the state are not proficient in reading, according to the Annie E. Casey
Educators already Twin Falls Superintendent Wiley Dobbs said he felt his school district created a strong plan for how merit
In its first post-recession public schools budget proposal, the Alabama Board of Education approved Thursday a recommendation
A: Barrett said the council expects the implementation of the Common Core Standards, as well as an increased emphasis on