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North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) on Monday announced plans to boost teacher pay, but not all teachers are celebrating.
“While this pay plan rewards newer teachers, it is disrespectful to veteran teachers, sends a clear message that students
According to the report, teacher salary is directly related to learning outcomes, which may contribute to the levels of low
In his forward to the foundation’s Teacher Status Index, Varkey calls for teacher salary increases across the board: Teachers
“It’s quite lucrative, many people go over there to pay off student loans or just travel the world,” Jenn Pedde, who formerly
The biggest chunk of the new funding, $15 million, is poised to go toward addressing what Bryant called a "literacy crisis
Schools Call System Divisive Williams said it's frustrating to hear that "the most effective" or "all great" teachers will
The board is not recommending a specific cost-of-living raise for teachers, though Bice has said he supports one, as educators
(c)2012 The Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Ariz.) He said the standards were perhaps "the biggest transformation of K-12 education
Including her annual salary, bonuses and payout, Young took home at least $824,000 in taxpayer money that year, not including
But as states are still in varying stages of recession hangover, school budgets are tight. Districts have been forced to
The average salary for a teacher in a state institution across all 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2012 was $49,920
Robert Bloch, CTU's lead attorney, told Catalyst Chicago magazine earlier in the evening that "negotiations go up and down
As Chicago's teachers enter their third day of protests, neighboring Lake Forest educators took to their own picket lines
In a Multi-Classroom Leadership school model, teachers with leadership skills -- otherwise known as "teacher-leaders" -- are
Halas is expected to go before before a panel headed by an administrative law judge to hear her appeal. When the Oxnard school
The Harrison reforms started with superintendent Mike Miles asking a question: If 80 percent of my budget is devoted to salaries, shouldn't salaries be linked to performance? Sounds logical, but in the school world, that's radical thinking.
The struggle to make sure a quality education is available to every child -- and not just a privilege for a few -- is the unfinished and critical business before the nation for it will determine America's future place on the global stage in a rapidly changing competitive world.