teacher sex

She once traveled 650 miles to have a rendezvous with the boy.
McDonough, a former teacher at West Morris Mendham High School, was indicted in March on charges of having sex with at least
In court Wednesday, Irene Khan, 34, said she initiated contact with the boy in 2012 after he jokingly wrote his phone number
During the meeting, the spurned teacher allegedly told the undercover officer she wanted to "say a few words" to the intended
A former Pennsylvania teacher caught having sex with a 17-year-old student was handed a 30-day sentence by a judge who described
It's only her first year on the job, but a Connecticut high school teacher's career might already be over. Mooney was released
Prosecutors wanted to bundle the cases into one trial, but the defense successfully argued that trying the cases together
Even after Alcorn resigned from her position in March following a police investigation, police say she still attempted contact
In an interview with police, the boy said Ronk once told him, "This is what we used to do in high school," according to the
On Friday, the FBI charged that Cruz allegedly used a photo of one of his former students as the profile picture on a text
Ghirelli's attorney, Stephan DeSales, said there is a "real question" over whether she knew the 17-year-old boy she is accused
She faced almost 40 counts in the case, WLKY reported in 2014. "We've never had sex, ever." Boyers tells the officer. "I
David Bui, 39, was arrested on charges of attempted sexual assault. He has been placed on indefinite leave from Maui High
She was supposed to be a good influence and keep him out of harm's way, but now a former regional Teacher of the Year is
“A teacher is a position of authority. They’re trusted. Parents send their kids to school every day and expect that they’re
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Williams said Altice was initially hired by the district in 2004 and served in a number of posts, including English instructor
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author But the judge felt that prison was necessary: A former guidance
After the U.S. Marshals narrowed down her location, a task force consisting of U.S. Marshals, ICE-ERO Agents and Honolulu