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The images of 11 black educators being handcuffed and boarded onto a prison bus only fueled my fury. I learned from the local news that they would be denied visitors (their lawyers excepted) for two weeks -- as per county jail policy.
Testing provides a wealth of data on student performance. However, there is mounting evidence that accountability pressures have incentivized cheating and reliance on standardized tests has lessened their efficacy.
Testing scandals will continue to persist if the structure of the present school system doesn't change. Here are the 5 main problems that help nurture this culture of cheaters.
How did Pearson, which claims to have checkpoints "built into the process to ensure consistent progress in achieving school improvement goals," attempt to establish the validity of the Atlanta school district's claims for off-the-charts improvement on test scores before taking credit for the results?
When all that matters is test results, people will do everything they can to make them look good. High-stakes testing gives the message that the process doesn't matter -- not even for teachers. High-stakes testing puts the attention on the measurable: simple answers to simple questions.
The initial 800-page report criticized then-Atlanta Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall for breeding "a culture of fear and
Almost none of the upperclassmen at an Oklahoma City school are on track to graduate following a cheating scandal that led
The American Federation of Teachers says teachers should have to pass a bar-like exam. Would exams improve the education system or put undue pressure on educators?
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In anticipation of the STAAR, the TEA released this spring resource sets for student preparation. Beginning this year, students