teachers of color

A less sunny view is based on elections results in "blue" Massachusetts and "red" Georgia, where voters in both states soundly
A new study suggests that students generally felt more supported and motivated by teachers of color.
“I was literally the only senior of color who was graduating (from college) as an education major.”
"Instilling black pride is not a threat. It is a necessity."
Over the holiday break, several news articles kept popping up, explaining how many teachers of color are frustrated and, ultimately, leaving the classroom. This is concerning, considering the number of students of color in public schools is steadily increasing.
We need to connect with our students of color, and model explicit ways for them to become successful, intelligent teachers they could be.
“Florida is unique in that the Hispanic population is very diverse,” Egalite said. “[Many] identify as being of Caribbean
Two percent. That is the number of teachers in this country who are African-American men. This would be shocking as a stand-alone statistic, but in the context of our nation's student population, it is appalling.
Department of Education numbers reveal a similar trend. In the department's latest School and Staffing Survey -- a nationally