Team of Rivals

Veteran newsman says Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" has given way to something else entirely.
Writer Walter Stahr gives William Henry Seward his due in this intelligent and illuminating biography of one of the most important political figures of the 19th century.
Thanks, Federal government, for the funny circular scar on my arm from my childhood vaccination. It means that I, and a lot of other kids, didn't get polio and wind up severely disabled or dead. Don't think I don't appreciate it. And thanks for the Internet I'm using right now.
I used to think that Barack Obama would follow Abraham Lincoln in bringing us together. I read he adopted a balanced, "team of rivals" approach to foreign policy and domestic challenges. Now, I think I know why his education policy is the big exception.
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The press surrounding George Bush's memoir reminded me of Karl Rove's claim from a few years ago that the two of them had a "book competition" for three years. Did Bush really have time to read?
Obama should invite in about six or eight smart people who have a very different view of how he should be leading, and he should give them an extended opportunity to make their case, without his usual advisers in the room.
2010-09-23-shawpull.jpgIf Mike Allen thinks Woodward's book is a net positive for Obama, the cover surely isn't.
Without diminishing the skills and hard work of those who brought all these matters to this point, one cannot overstate the impact that this President's election, perspective, and persona had on these outcomes.
It's Abraham Lincoln's birthday today, and to celebrate the life of our 16th president, we've collected some of the best
We all have our limits. Abraham Lincoln's limit is that he left behind no wise counsel for the man who finds himself garmentless at 30,000 feet. But he did leave something for the Twitterers.
Old Abe is everywhere. TV specials, conferences, books, pins, figurines, and other Lincolnalia celebrate the Illinois Railsplitter's Big 2-0-0. The problem is, the real Lincoln gets lost in the hoopla.
There's no way that Rahm Emanuel's animosity toward Dean can be explained away if they pass over him again, especially given his tremendous success at the DNC.
Lincoln's preservation of the union would not have been possible without his economic reform. It is the philosophy at the base of those achievements that must be the prototype for change in America now.
I hope you've already read these excellent books. Please feel free to use the comments section to add your own recommendations.
Obama and Rahm Emanuel have hired a group of people who are going to make the rich stay rich -- and who are not designed to really change things for the middle class or the struggling lower end.
Obama may soon find that he is committing a big sin against one of the major premises of the reigning ideology, and will create a head-on collision with one of the cherished dogmas of market fundamentalism -- "free trade."
An Obama spokesperson was quick to dismiss any thoughts of impaling. Though, off the record, expressed a wish that at some point they might come upon Joe Lieberman in the act of bending over.
"It can work almost regardless if the president is not merely self-confident but knows exactly what he wants" and what he