Team USA

Kevin Durant has led the U.S. men’s basketball team to their fourth consecutive Olympic basketball gold medal with a 87-82 win over France.
"At night, sleep’s not guaranteed," Tuliamuk said. "I have to wake up and go run, feeling like a zombie.”
The underdog Team USA swimmer spent much of the race in the middle of the pack, but blazed home to win.
The U.S. swim star had a powerful message after winning the 1500-meter freestyle.
The U.S. women’s gymnastics team overcame adversity to win the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics after Simone Biles withdrew from the event.
Chase Kalisz nails victory in the 400-meter individual medley for the first American gold at the Tokyo Games. Teammate Jay Litherland grabs the silver.
Twitter users didn't miss the boat in mocking the Team USA preppy "yacht" vibe.
Team USA Olympian Gwen Berry lost her sponsors after raising a fist on the podium in 2019. She recounts what happened next and why it’s so important for athletes to take a stand.
The youth coach and former Team USA under-17 player thought he caught a cold, but the symptoms worsened.
The athlete revealed he'll now represent Great Britain in honor of his mom.
Mike Schultz wasn't satisfied with the quality of high-performance prosthetics, so he decided to create his own.
"Raise your hand if you're too pumped to go to sleep."
The suit maker says there's science behind the design.
This is the third Winter Olympics in a row that the U.S. women's ice hockey team has made it to the finals.
The 4-0 loss forces the American men into an elimination game before the quarterfinals.
Figure skater Adam Rippon is the first openly gay man to win a Winter Olympic medal. His 13-year-old self would be proud.
Canada captured the gold medal and the Olympic Athletes from Russia team clinched the silver.
"Perfect for Americans on the international stage these days."
Ski champion Lindsey Vonn inspired Fallon's rallying cry.
“I just think I’m another kid going to play in the Olympics."