tear gas

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales oversaw several ethical violations among his staff before he ordered his officers to fire tear gas at protesters.
People were protesting peacefully before federal forces used tear gas to clear them from the square before Trump's photo shoot, Maj. Adam DeMarco said.
Portland's "Fathers Against Fascism" joined the "Wall of Moms," and brought leaf blowers to redirect tear gas. The feds seemed to like the idea.
Authorities estimate there were 3,000 present at the peak of the protest.
Authorized by the president, unidentified federal agents have been tear-gassing protesters in Portland, as well as using other forms of excessive force.
Earlier in the night, Ted Wheeler was mostly jeered as he tried to rally demonstrators who have clashed nightly with federal agents.
The lawsuits were filed the same day the city announced the resignation of Philadelphia Managing Director Brian Abernathy.
The agency reversed its previous claim, days after Park Police did the same.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced a new bill that would ban police from using the chemical weapon on its own citizens.
Officers in major cities face no penalty for going unmasked. And that’s sending a toxic message.