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Over the past 8 years I have lost a lot of sleep. I stay up wondering how I can communicate why the work I've dedicated my entire life to is so critical.
The nonprofit sector occupies a surprisingly large proportion of the US economy. In 2014 alone, nonprofits received over
For more information on Practical Action’s resilience-building work, including on FEWSs, please visit the home page of our
When a citizen responder is able to reach a victim before medical professionals arrive, the victim is more likely to survive.
Today, you can do your bit for 3 of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. All you need is the Elbi app and a couple of minutes.
As more women find themselves with increasing access to mobile technology and the Internet, the tech world has stepped up to provide women with more, better tools to help them stay safe. Within the developing world, this is the segment of women targeted by tech initiatives.
Tech solutions are suitable for addressing violence against women because we can reach vulnerable women discreetly.
Everyday the crowdfunding industry is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Through crowdfunding, individuals can utilize the power of the crowd to start a business, bring a product to market, produce a record, and even fundraise for amazing causes.
Technology won't prevent a disaster and it can't solve post-disaster challenges. But as in young Samuel's case, it certainly can help save lives.
It can be very deceptive. In the digital age, we feel inundated with news and information, and so it feels like we have more access to global news than ever before. As Caroline explains, that's actually not the case.
Kanav Kahol noted that despite the similarities between most medical devices in their computer displays and circuits, their packaging made them unduly complex and difficult for anyone but highly skilled practitioners to use. As well, they were incredibly expensive -- costing tens of thousands of dollars each.
Over the past two months, my team at Significance Labs has investigated how and why first generation community college students in New York City start to run into trouble. We confirmed that there are a plethora of barriers which prevent first generation students from earning a degree.
Going to Brownsville is the highlight of my week, these days. Yes, sometimes I'm afraid. But being afraid isn't an excuse.
Because we don't need better selfies. We need technology that actually makes the world a better place.
The staggering $36,000 was donated to Alana Miller's Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary via eBay Give at Checkout, which for