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Because the true test of love for your dog is whether or not you buy them a dog camera. Get it for 32% off on Prime Day.   8
ASUS ZenPad Z8 - ASUS has been my computer maker of choice for the past six years so I wasn't surprised I fell in love with
Arris Surfboard Routers and Extenders - Today's college students don't remember a time of dial-up modems and wonky connections
  Lima - What started as a Kickstarter project is now one of the best Father's Day gifts for under $100. Lima lets Dad build
AfterShokz Trekz Titanium - I've been a big fan of AfterShokz headphones for years and for good reason. They are comfortable
Mother's Day is coming up soon and if you're like me, you're thinking that mom, grandma and your wife are tired of getting flowers and massage gift certificates each year.
    Monster iSport SuperSlim - These are Monster's second version of a Bluetooth, in-ear headphones and athletes will love
The IFA Tech Show in Berlin has grown over the years into a must-attend event for tech companies around the world to show off everything from the latest smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and home appliances.
  Cycliq Fly6 Bicycle Tail­Light and Safety Camera Combo: Cycliq makes innovative cycling accessories and while the Fly6
Apple Watch, Apple Watch, Apple Watch. Everyone's talking about the Apple Watch. And I'm just tuning out.
Whether it's engineering, creativity or safety on your mind for your kids this summer, be sure to keep these great gadgets and apps in mind.
My question is this: Just because we can do really cool things with technology, does that mean we should? We have the technological capacity to blow up whole countries, but so far we have responsibly refused to press the button that would change the world.
CES is an ultimate gadget fest. It reflects its era. Now is the time for CES to celebrate its renaissance as a trade show, but for me and my company, it's time to return to the fuel that will drive every gadget seen: content.
I'm not sure when the "pinkifying" of technology started, but I first noticed it a few years ago when QVC sold an Asus netbook in two color choices, hot pink and copper. It must have done well, because soon girly netbooks were airing daily.
But not all fitness gadgets are created equal. Some gizmos designed to help you lose weight are just plain weird -- but others