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All around the world, people are discovering new ways to use the power of blockchain technology. When the decentralized database
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Google's Annie Jean-Baptiste says diversity should be "core to how everyone does business, not just a 'nice to have.'"
The leaked anti-diversity memo from Google shows the lengths to which some will travel to protect the largely homogenized tech industry.
"The face Tim Cook makes when he wishes he had run for president instead of being CEO of Apple."
"If true, these allegations are very concerning," Lyft said.
Leaving the market would put British companies at a disadvantage.
The impact of reducing the amount of H1Bs issued will go far beyond just the tech sector.
Another major similarity is that both sets of companies hit regulatory and political barriers far before other tech startups
"Diverse is what we must be," Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein told employees.
Being openly gay has greatly affected my career choices and how I became an entrepreneur. It's impossible to talk authentically
Attendees included Apple Inc’s Tim Cook, Facebook Inc’s Sheryl Sandberg and Tesla Motors Inc’s Elon Musk.
When hearing people think about exciting new technologies for those who are deaf, their minds most likely jump to the latest developments in cochlear implants or hearing aids.
1. "I can always hire someone to run the technical aspects of the company." 4. "It's too late to learn how to code." If you