tech support

The special counsel's trip for tech support has already been turned into a meme.
I knew enough about fake email phishing scams to avoid clicking on any of the links in this email. So I looked for a way
Each person counts. Suppose you run a business where your prices are low. In the long run, you need a lot of customers to sustain it, right? Correct. Now -- say your first two customers can net you $20 each. Should you deliver just enough value to keep them satisfied, and no more?
I have a personal hate-hate relationship with all things technical. Change one little thing on your computer and it's like the butterfly in Australia that flaps its wings and causes tornados in Kansas. Trying to fix it changes enough things to add monsoons in Asia.
Conference calls, web meetings and screen shares. We all love them. We all use them. We also all know that at least 20 percent of all conference calls and virtual meetings are a total waste of time and money. All because the following characters below ruin them.
You've heard the line: "These stunts were performed by a professional. Don't try this at home." Well the same applies to battles with big businesses and the government. If you're facing an IRS audit, stay out of it.
"I have all day. Take your time. I'm not going anywhere until we get this fixed." I had heard this before. But with Daniel I got the feeling he really meant it.
Fortunately for Apple, even if the Vocal Laboratories report indicates that the computer maker is falling behind in tech
I want people to feel like they are the masters of their digital domain! To that end, here are some tips and recommendations when it comes to solving pesky problems with your computer, iPhone, or other personal tech items.
When I call for tech help I don't care that I'm calling India or Botswana or Denver, I just want someone who can talk in even broken English.